About The Pensieve

     In the fourth book of the Harry Potter series, The Goblet of Fire, Albus Dumbledore introduced Harry to a most interesting magical artifact. This device, called the pensieve, was a large basin of water.  Professor Dumbledore would occasionally touch his magic wand to his temple and withdraw a silver thread of memory, then place it in the pensieve. When Harry plunged his face into the water, he was able to observe and live the memory which had been selected. 
     When we read about this device, we related it to our own observations of the practice of writing. It is usually a struggle to find the right words to put down on paper, the words that best explain our thoughts and memories. But when we are able to express these thoughts gracefully, it can captivate our readers in an immersive manner.
     The pensieve has become for us an icon, a metaphor for the act of writing and reading. If a writer has artfully constructed her literary work, regardless of the genre, the reader can be immersed—almost unconsciously—in a world and life his mind has created. For us, this is what represents literary beauty. We hope that the fiction, nonfiction, and poetry we share with you here, in The Pensieve, will resonate with you in a most immersive manner.
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