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By Lauren Derrick Two universes collided. That’s how I came face to face with myself. I—she—looked good. Man, that version of me looked good. Ever since I can remember, I’ve wished my hair would cooperate for a whole day at a time like that. I’ve wished that I could pull off that polished professional and completely confident look. I’ve wished that my skin would be smooth and clear and that I could make makeup work for me. My quick up-do always ended up with a halo of escaped hairs by the end of the day. I liked to think that I was rocking that look of barely knowing where I was and what I needed to be doing next. But she had it all, and had it all together. I had this strange cocktail of pride and hope shaken up with a shot of disappointment. Because there it was: the version of me that I hadn’t even dared hope for. Seeing her there, it was not just a hypothetical “maybe I could have” but a reality in another universe. I couldn’t help but feel proud of what I could hav

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