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Leave No Trace

By Melanie Gagon I’ve luckily had the opportunity to travel all over Utah, which has left me with experiences that forever changed me. From deep in the heart of the Uinta Mountains, where I slept outside in the freezing cold weather, to the furthest slot canyon in Zion National Park, where I hiked all day with a sweat-stained t-shirt — and everything in between. Each experience is unique, and, being the typical writer that I am, each experience left me with a story to tell. For me, hiking and exploring outside are soothing for the soul, creating a peaceful experience for not only myself but for those I am with. The speed of the world has changed so much over the years. Everyone always seems to be in such a hurry; always looking at the next event ahead of them that they miss the beauty of the present. The outdoors are a way for individuals to disconnect from the busy, fast-paced world that we live in now. One of my family's favorite pastimes is exploring the mountains close to home

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