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The Marvelous Mind of Marilyn Hansen

By Lauren Derrick Episode 1: A Novel Heist     “Why are we here again?”     “Grandma is getting a new TV today, and we're going to help her set it up.”     Finley knocked on a faded blue door. The paint on the white doorway was just starting to peel in the California sun.     “Great.” Jake muttered as he pulled out his phone.     Finley’s mouth pulled a little to one side. “What are you doing?”      “I gotta make sure my phone has enough battery to last through Marley & Me .”      “Grandma does love her dog movies.” Finley sighed. She knocked. “Hi, Grandma!”      Marilyn, a teddy-bear-bodied grandmother with tight curls, stood in the doorway, looking a little flustered. She shuffled a bit in her house slippers and adjusted her spectacles before she looked up at her grandchildren. Jake was a tall, husky high school senior with a dark, curly mop of hair and a fair complexion. He had at least an inch on his older sister, Finley.      “Oh! I thought you two weren't c

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