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The Fairy Place

By Elizabeth Smith Editor's Note: This story is the fourth part of the Classified series .  Jade unbuckled the baby from the bicycle attachment and set him onto the grass. The two held hands as they approached the white door in a row of townhomes. Jade exhaled and closed her eyes. She rang the bell. A woman opened the door. Her chin was creased, like a marionette’s. “You must be Jade,” she said. “I’m Gloria.” The women smiled as they shook hands, and Jade guided her son into the living room. “I’ve heard so much about you.” Jade blushed. “Good things, I hope.” In his clumsy pronunciation, the boy called for Annabel from the bottom stair. “I’m not sure when Brett will be back,” Gloria said, “but I can lend you my key—” “Oh, no need. I’ve got my own copy.” Gloria looked at the woman who would replace her daughter. She saw Jade’s impeccable eyeliner, her smooth skin, her sexy figure. Gloria puckered her lip. A bright girl bounced down the staircase with a doll. “Lief!” Jade sat in an

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