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The Year of Golden - Episode 1

  By: Kelly McDonald Author's Note: This literary piece is the beginning of a series of micro-essays, which is an experiment in expressing memoir as a sequence of remembered experiences, rather than as a longer narrated work. Although the length of micro-essays can vary, the author has chosen 500 words or fewer for the size of these episodes.           According to the US Census Bureau, less than five percent of U.S. marriages last fifty years or longer. That statistic puts Beverly and me into a small, select group, inasmuch as this year will mark our fiftieth anniversary. Thankfully, we’re in reasonably good health, and our memories are not yet impaired, so we can still remember most of our marriage milestones during the past half-century of life together.           Our courtship started early in that year of our distant past. I had just returned from a two-year church mission, ready to re-enroll at Brigham Young University. After Christmas, on December 28th, I arrived in Provo, U

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