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By Elizabeth Smith Editor's note: This story is the fifth part of the Classified series. “So which kind of bed are you thinking?” The saleswoman asked. Jade shifted her weight, her one-year-old son at her hip. “Well, we’ve been sharing up till now. I’m getting married soon, and we need a new set-up.” The saleswoman led Jade and the baby through rows of beds and nightstands. “This one should last him his whole childhood,” the clerk said, gesturing to a brown crib. “The front comes off, so it converts to a toddler bed.” She crouched and showed her customer where the guardrails could be installed. Jade placed her son in the crib. “Then,” the saleswoman continued, “you can unscrew the back section here if you want to use it as a headboard later.” Jade nodded and raised her eyebrows. She pulled measuring tape from her purse and slowly walked around each side. The little boy played peek-a-boo in the slats. “Does it come in white?” Jade asked. The clerk pushed her glasses up her nose and

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