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  By Merilee Mackay           I am the laundress for my family. Sometimes, I hate doing the laundry. But hating doesn't get me out of it, so I mostly just get on with it. When I was eight, I had to stand on a stool to get all the wet laundry out of the washer. Now I’m eleven and can even reach the socks that always seem to get stuck at the bottom.  I fell in once. My head almost hit the bottom, but luckily my arms were in front of me and I jack-knifed my legs like I was doing a dive from the high dive and didn’t get all the way stuck. It must have been funny to see. Just imagining what I must have looked like made me laugh so hard I almost slipped further down. And my laugh echoed inside the drum, making me laugh even harder. But when my arms got tired and my head started hurting, I had to stop laughing. I yelled for a while, but no one could hear me. So I kept wiggling until I got out by myself. There’s a lot more to laundry than some people think. It isn’t just putting it in

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