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Episode 13: Power

By Lauren Derrick Editor's Note: This story is part of the  Marvelous Mind of Marilyn Hansen series  hosted on the Pensieve. “Brigham’s sending you the tracker link and some details. Yeah, ha ha, I’m glad too. Sorry about that.” Byrd ran some fingers through his hair with the hand that wasn’t holding a phone to his ear. A sheepish grin brought some youth into his wrinkled face. “She’s kept up a link. No–Maddie didn’t have time to find professionals, so our guess is that she’s scrambling through her plan B. Marilyn’s tied and gagged, but they didn’t tranquilize her or even check her clothes.” Brigham and Finley were cleaning up after dinner, each of them glancing periodically at Byrd. Neither paid any heed to the pug, who stealthily hopped onto a chair and relieved Byrd of the last of his dinner. “I believe it–let me know what you decide on. I know you have to weigh your options–yeah, Brigham and I will be there as backup.” Byrd glanced over at Brigham, who shot him a thu

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