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Memoirs of a Yellow Dog

  By: O. Henry Editor's Note:  This is a public domain short story by the celebrated O. Henry. We thought this classic tale from a well-recognized author would certainly qualify for The Pensieve's mantra of  'Immersive Literary Art'. I don't suppose it will knock any of you people off your perch to read a contribution from an animal. Mr. Kipling and a good many others have demonstrated the fact that animals can express themselves in remunerative English, and no magazine goes to press nowadays without an animal story in it, except the old–style monthlies that are still running pictures of Bryan and the Mont PĂ©lee horror. But you needn't look for any stuck–up literature in my piece, such as Bearoo, the bear, and Snakoo, the snake, and Tammanoo, the tiger, talk in the jungle books. A yellow dog that's spent most of his life in a cheap New York flat, sleeping in a corner on an old sateen underskirt (the one she spilled port wine on at the Lady Longshoremen's

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