Definition of Joy

By Elizabeth Smith



\ ‘jȯi \

Definition of joy

1 a : I finally rest my head on a cool pillow

b: a yellow sunbeam peeks above a mountaintop as I sit by the kitchen window

2 a : my daughter somersaulted in the womb

b : now nine-months-old, she giggles and slaps her thighs

c : her tiny fingers clasp the basket of toys

3 a : my husband and I eat doughnuts after planting our garden

b : my husband and I eat home-grown peas after retiring our garden

4 a : I sing while driving with the windows down

b : I inhale crisp fall air

5 a : aroma rises from a pot of chili

c : the back door croaks at 5pm, and I greet my husband with a kiss


Taisha said…
This is a beautiful way to begin this venture. Congratulations on your first publication.
beautiful and relatable. love it Liz thanks!

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