build my grave

by Merilee Mackay

build my grave with smallness 

plain and kept to that day 

dug in soft earth and peaceful views

a grave contained 

keeping life from dying 

keeping death from living

leave my grave for me

those monuments

with size and grandeur 

thoughts piled high

or thoughts kept from thinking

are vaults brittle and trembling

no peace is found in

catacombs filled with guests

do not build my grave in your life

covered in grief 

that life is painful and will

crack and shatter 

opening a grave too soon for you 

leave your grave to be built by others 

leave the grave to the dead

build my grave simply 

let me rest with my companions

come then


your grave thoughts

for tomorrow 

keep the flowers for love 

keep your life for living


Marsha Derrick said…
Moving thoughts.
Very rich and full
Thank you

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