My Upstairs Window

 By: Kelly McDonald

My upstairs window looks out on many vistas.

From my darkened room, I can see traveling neighbors,

leaving their homes, then returning.

I might wave, and they may notice me,

and wave back, if they look up at my window, while passing by.

Though it's a northern dormer, I can stare at the sunrise,

reflected on windshields, sidewalks, or new snow.

I marvel at the wondrous Mount Timpanogos,

early in the morning, laced with sunbeams, wind-whipped peaks.

To relish the beauty of the mountain, I

must climb to my window, then gape out.

To track the traces of the sunrise, I

can clamber to my window, then gaze out.

But to connect with the neighbors, I

may see through my window, I open the door—

                and invite them in.


Steve said…
That’s what I’ve seen you do—open the door and invite them in.

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