The Pensieve Authors Roundtable


Pensieve Readers,

This summer marked the first anniversary of The Pensieve, and we thank the sixteen gifted authors who published their creative works with us during the past year. To celebrate, we hosted an authors roundtable that included the following participants. (One of their recent Pensieve postings is listed next to their name)

Elizabeth Smith - We See Swans Today

Skyler Smith - Subpar Poetry

Kelly McDonald - Unpaid Work

Taisha Ostler - Water Planet

Lauren Derrick - The Electrical Post

Dante - The Moth Shall Eat them Up

The roundtable allowed each participant to introduce themselves and their literary work, as well as respond to questions about their writing. We encourage you, The Pensieve community of readers, to listen to the audio recording of our roundtable. We hope it will help you gain insights into the lives of the individuals behind our excellent first year of literary art and inspire you in your own creative endeavors.

Simply click on the Start button below to participate with us in this most productive event.


The Pensieve founding editors,

    Elizabeth Smith

    Kelly McDonald


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