Living Water

 By: Jarom Petrich

Why does water always flow
When it melts from winter's snow
And the rivers rush
Full of glacial slush,
Down to valleys far below?
It always seeks the easy way
To navigate to “B” from “A”,
Caring not the least
For plant or beast,
Cutting its course through root and clay.
The living water that you are
Has doubtless traveled long and far
From a glacier cold
Or a river old
Or even from a falling star.
To end up inside your skin,
Where Christ’s influence is thin,
Though His gentle nudge
Ever seeks to budge
Fluid thoughts away from sin.

For even though His firm decree
Subdued the waves in Galilee
He will never force
One human’s course
But simply pleads: “Come Follow Me”.
Like a river, you may live
With no thoughts to share or give,
In a headlong race
To the lowest place
You can reach before the grave.
But like the clouds, you too may shun
Inherent tendencies to run,
And choose to rise
Above earthly ties
Ever striving towards the Son
To then reach down, lift up and bless
Those withered vines found in distress,
Or to quench throats parched
Who have toiled and marched
Through this life's dreary wilderness.
His loving hand will help you drift
Over those you too may lift
To make greener leaves
And reap fuller sheaves
As you share his precious gift.
And though your water is mundane
It can relieve another’s pain
If you pour it out
Of a willing spout.
He’ll surely fill you up again.
So, where will your water go?
Will it help small seeds to grow?
To strengthen root
And tender shoot
As they struggle through life's snow?


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